Coach Training II

In the Spring of 2018, flyers were distributed to Washoe County School District Elementary Schools promoting the SNWP summer program. During our 8-week program (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10 am to noon) we had 18 male and female youth athletes participate ranging in ages from 8 to 13. We also employed a UNR student and a Reno High School graduate to coach the 23 sessions during this 2018 summer program. In this way SNWP was really providing water polo development opportunities for both the athletes and the coaches.

In the Spring of 2019, we held several water polo coach training sessions, inviting teens and college students to learn how to teach Splashball and qualify as a SNWP coach for a summer job. Our summer 2019 Splashball program continued in a similar fashion as 2018 with 24 athletes, and a head and assistant coach on deck &/or in the pool.

This past summer we also held several scrimmages with some other nascent water polo programs in the area (Carson City, Montreux). We believe scrimmaging other teams is a vitally important component to the learning process and thus an ancillary goal of SNWP is to grow a local competitive water polo league. Our mission encompasses enabling and growing other local water
polo teams (not just one).

Furthermore, we desire Splashball and water polo to be available to all economic groups. We do not intend to run an elite program. For example, in the past we have run a summer water polo program at Traner Pool, which is in the heart of a low-income area. We desire to expand our programs to this and other local pools as we grow.

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